Muay Thai training gyms in Thailand vary a great deal in quality from place to place. To get quality training you need a good gym. What to look for in a gym may vary from one individual to the next. Not everyone has the same needs and wants when looking for a gym; and the trainees all have different goals and different skill-levels. However, there are certain factors that nearly all trainees consider to be important. Muay Thai training requires that a gym should be clean, safe and have good quality and well-maintained equipment. Additionally a gym should have adequate training space and bag access. It should also have a nice surrounding area, have disciplined members and fairly priced. Here are 10 of the best muay Thai gyms in Thailand. Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym This is a muay Thai gym aimed at the recreational practitioner, rather than the fighter. It has some great trainers on its books and is part of the “new wave” of muay Thai gyms in Bangkok. These gyms cater for more wealth