Phuket has a bountiful surplus of gorgeous hotels and resorts. When it comes to choosing accommodation for your Phuket vacation, you are certainly spoiled for choice. And the great thing about Phuket is the range of different types of accommodation in different budget ranges – luxury resorts, beachfront villas, sea view cabins, backpacker hostels, guesthouses, cabañas, and more. You can stay in a quiet, private area or close to all the action the island has to offer. And there are many different beaches to stay next to. All this choice comes at a price it’s hard to decide! We looked at the top-ranking hotels on website searches in 2016 and came up with this list of the Phuket hotels that are worth checking into every time. 1) The Chava Resort Located on Surin Beach, the Chava in Phuket, this resort is actually an apartment complex so the rooms are really spacious and you get tons of amenities within the suites. The complex is set on a hill overlooking the beach so you benefit fro