Bangkok is one of the best places in the world for wonderful, varied, tasty food. No matter where you go, restaurants, cafes and stalls offer unique Thai tastes at bargain prices. And the best place to visit when you’re a food lover is the street. Bangkok street food is plentiful and great quality. Street food is available pretty much anywhere in the city but some areas are better than others. Here’s where to visit when you want insanely tasty Thai food fast. Chinatown If you want street food in Bangkok, you’ve got to go to Chinatown. To miss out this area would be a crime. It is simply packed with stalls, vendors and restaurants so you can find whatever you want, freshly cooked and smelling divine. The best time to visit is in the evening when more and more vendors arrive and people are really hungry for their wares. The old favorite dishes are all available, as well as some more interesting quirky alternatives. Image via Mark Fischer/ Flickr Rangnam This popular street stretch